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170 x 128
240 x 180
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1024 x 768
See the faq pages for help with downloading images & animations
How to add effects to your picture
After your picture has been uploaded, you can select the parts of the picture to apply effects to.

If you're not sure where the effects should go, you can try using the whole picture first:

Press "Select All" to use the whole image. A purple selection area will appear over the image, showing that the entire picture is selected.
Press "Apply". The current effect will be applied to the full picture.

New ! - Write your name or other designs in animated sparkles

With the new Selection Pen tool, you can easily draw designs or simple words on your picture.

See here for instructions on how to do this.
Buttons quick reference

Selection Marker / "Select All" button

If you're using the default Selection Marker tool (or the "Select All" button), then effects are added to areas depending on the type of image uploaded.

This is because the Selection Marker looks at highlights in your picture and tries to add effects to bright or high contrast areas.

This can help create more realistic looking results, however if you don't want this to happen you can use the Selection Pen tool instead.

There are some scenes that work especially well with this, such as decorative lights at night, light coming through tree canopys, or the reflection of a setting sun or lights on water:

Texture examples

Generally, bright areas over a darker background will give better results. The color of the effect is taken from the color of the bright area, so for example a green light will produce a green effect in that part of the image.

Click on "Next Page" for more details about using different effects, previewing animations, and using controls and downloads.

Selecting effects
There are five main categories of effects:



Animals & Smileys

World & Society

Symbols & Shapes

Within each category, non-members can choose from a single set of effects. Use the drop-down menu to change the current set.

Site members can access all sets of effects in each category. Click here for details.

Browse through different effects in each set by using the left and right arrows under the effect icon.

Press "Apply" again after selecting a new effect to see it used with your picture.

Slider controls
Intensity - Use the Intensity slider to control the strength of the effects.
Max. Size - The Max Size slider will change the maximum size of the effects.
Glow Effect - Creates a glowing halo around effects.
Color Boost - The Color Boost slider changes the color intensity of the effects. It does not change colors in the rest of the picture.

Press Apply after changing the sliders to see the results.

You might find that some areas of your picture have effects added where you don't want them.

Simply select the Eraser brush and use it to de-select those areas. Now press Apply again and those areas will return to normal.

Other options:

Select one of the "Rotation" boxes to switch between random and uniform rotation of effects.

"Orton effect" adds a hazy, dreamy effect to the whole picture. Choose the strength of the effect by selecting a different box.

You can also use this without adding any other effects to the picture - simply select one of the Orton Effect strengths.

Glitterboo can also animate your effects. Click on the Animation tab to see an animated preview area.

Animation tab

To change the area being previewed, click on the "Set location" text. A frame will appear on the photo, you can then select the area you want to see an animation preview for. To download or view the full size animation, use the buttons in the download area.

Different effects may have different animation styles available. These appear in the drop-down "Style:" box. After selecting a different animation style, press Apply again to update the image with the new style.

To go back to using the slider controls panel, simpy click on the "controls" tab.

Download area
The download area lets you view and download different sizes of your image. This can be an animated .GIF file, a video, or a non-animated .JPG image.

Choose from Image/Animation or Video downloads by clicking on the tabs to the left of "View / Download".

Select the download size you would like, then press one of the "Download" buttons to process the image. When your image is ready, the download options will appear. Click on the file link to download the file, or choose one of the other options.

Become a site member to get access to all the higher resolutions, up to 2048x2048 pixels for animations/images and 1080p Full HD video with optional soundtrack.

Resolutions above 640x480 have more detail than the preview image in the browser window, so the high-res versions may look slightly different to the preview, but the effects will be in the same areas of the image.

Other buttons
Hide Selection

When an area of the picture is selected, it may be difficult to see what it looks like after adding effects.

Click once on the Hide Selection button to hide the purple or yellow selection overlays. You can now still change effects, but won't be able to modify the selection until you "unhide" it by pressing Hide Selection again.

The Select All and Select None buttons will also make the selection visible again.

Show Original

Use the Show Original button to compare your modified picture with the original upload.

This button will display the original as long as it is held down. Once you release the button, the image displayed will go back to the current one.

You can use the Show Original button while Hide Selection is enabled for a more accurate comparison.

More Info / FAQ pages

If you have a more specific question or problem, it may be covered in the Frequently Asked Questions page - click here to visit.

Visit our Facebook page and leave a comment or post your pictures on the wall.

Add your pictures to the Glitterboo pool on Flickr, or see how other people have used the effects on their own photos & graphics.

Browser compatibility
Glitterboo works best with a modern HTML5 compatible browser.

This includes any version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. from the last few years, and Internet Explorer version 9 and upwards.

Glitterboo is touchscreen compatible, and should work well on tablets and touchscreen PCs.

If you're using a touchscreen PC running Windows 8 or 10, you'll need to use a browser such as Chrome or Firefox to get full touchscreen compatibility.

Note: Browser plugins may affect performance.

If you believe a plugin is causing problems, try a different web browser or alternatively disable unnecessary plugins in your browser's options.

Usually upgrading to the most recent version of your web browser will resolve most issues.

Internet Explorer 6 is not supported.

See the FAQ pages for extensive troubleshooting questions and answer.

You can also use the contact page to get in touch if you have another question.