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Glitterboo blends sparkling effects into your photos and graphics.

Our online application automatically looks for existing bright areas in your uploaded pictures to create amazing animated glitter, sparkles and other effects.

Update Notification

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Update History

This is Glitterboo v2.1a

- Small improvement in GIF image quality (from updated palette quantizer precision).

- Fixed a problem where extra borders were appearing around the edges of .PNG image uploads which contained

  only a single level of transparency.

  Note that .PNG files with multiple levels of transparency (semi-transparent pixels) will still use the colour selected

  when uploading as a background for the semi-transparent pixels.

- Many new features and enhancements:

The main edit screen area is now much more responsive than before when selecting areas, especially on slower computers and across different browsers (if using Internet Explorer, requires IE9 or higher).

New "pen" type selection brush adds effects anywhere it's used, regardless of image background.

Touchscreen and iPad/tablet support added to edit screen (for Windows 8 touchscreen support, you'll need to use Chrome or Firefox browsers).

New video download option with resolutions up to 1080p / FullHD for members, 360p for non-members. Also, additional soundtrack option for members (video/audio up to 10 minutes long).

iPad/iOS users will need to use a Dropbox account to download video (and upload soundtracks) on those devices.

Increased maximum animation download size to 2048 pixels for members, 360 pixels for non-members.

New low, mid and high settings for luminous (Orton) effect.

New animation speed options (under Animation tab).

New default option for transparent images (under Animation tab): "Original + New", preserves image transparency but allows effects to be added in transparent areas. Setting transparency to "Original" returns to the previous behaviour where the image transparency may cut-off effects added in the transparent areas.

Redesigned download links with new options for saving to Dropbox, and saving to a personal Photobucket account.

The "Crop" button option doesn't apply for download sizes over 640x480, this was clarified by disabling the Crop button for these size options.

Added new settings on the "Your Account" page for linked Photobucket account and uploaded video soundtrack.

Added a more comprehensive list of effect categories and membership features on membership FAQ page.

Updated FAQ and other misc. pages with additional information.

- The maximum image file upload size was increased from 12MB to 20MB (also applies to "Get from web").

- JPG image uploads (usually photos) will now auto-rotate correctly when uploaded.

- Animations are now much smoother for "bling" and "sparkle" styles of animation.

  Also, the "Intensity" slider functionality was improved for small images.

- Hi-res downloads should now look more consistently like the preview image (although still with extra detail).

- Seems like there was still a problem with the transparency layer for large GIF/PNG uploads. This was fixed.

  The minimum upload resolution was lowered from 50x50 to 15x15, so you can now upload smaller images such as icons etc.

- Added background color selection for images with transparency. Fixed excessive mouse selection in interface.

- Fixed bug where PNG or GIF uploads over 800 pixels width/height would have wrong transparency layer applied.

  Fixed issue where uploaded images with multiple "."'s in the filename would get stuck on "Setting up image.." message.

- "Select size" button has been renamed as "Download", the functionality stays the same.

- Added support for preserving transparency in uploaded GIFs and PNGs

- Original release

Image Credits

Glitterboo uses public domain vector images from the Open Clip Art Library and

Sample photos are courtesy of Flickr users, made available using a Creative Commons license.

Some original and modified icons from the Feather icon set are used, and also portions of Google Material icons

"Star Sparkle" effect courtesy of astro photography from the Cully Observatory.

Other Credits

Thanks to Xiaolin Wu's colour quantizer for high-quality GIF colour palette creation.

Other Sites

Try our other site TiltShiftMaker to add miniature tilt-shift style effects to your photos.

You can also use our sites Glowtxt and Pookatoo to create colourful text styles.


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