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Is Glitterboo available in other languages?

Currently we don't have multi-language support, however we have added automatic translation buttons to the top-right of this FAQ page and also the How it works page and Choosing a photo page.

Can I use more than one effect on a picture?

At the moment, to keep the controls simple, you can just add one effect at a time to an image.

However you can always download and re-upload the modified image if you need to add different effects. This will work for static images. For animations, the last used effect is the one which will be animated. We recommend trying out the editing page and sample photos to get a feel for how it can be used.

Uploading a soundtrack is taking some time. Can I still use the editing screen while uploading?

This should work ok. However although you can make editing changes and Apply them, you won't be able to start any new downloads until the soundtrack is fully uploaded.

Can I add glittery text to a photo?

You can't directly add text to a photo in Glitterboo, however you can write e.g. with sparkle effects using the new pen selection tool.

See the question How do I write using Sparkle effects?

If you want a glittery version of more normal text, for the moment, you can create a text graphic using a site such as Glowtxt first, download the text as a static .PNG file and then copy and paste it into your image with a graphics editor before uploading to Glitterboo.

We want to figure out a way to streamline this a bit better so will add support for it when we have a working solution.

How can I use an animation file as wallpaper on an Android phone?

You can use animations created on glitterboo as animated or live wallpaper on an Android phone.

First, create the animation on Glitterboo. You might need to experiment a little to find a good image size, but generally for newer phones, higher-res download sizes should be better.
Save the image to Dropbox, or email it to yourself where you can access it on your phone.

Now you can install an app that can use an animated gif as the phone wallpaper. There are a number of these apps, however one of the most popular is AnimGIF Live wallpaper 2. This will give you options to resize and position the image until it looks good.

You can also see alternative free gif wallpaper apps by clicking here.

I would like to use something I made with Glitterboo in a project, blog, game, app, video etc.

That's great :) Go for it :)

You're free to do what you like with your downloads, including commercial usage. If you want to mention Glitterboo as a creative tool, that would be awesome but is not required.

I like Glitterboo, is there a way that I can support it?

Thanks for asking! :)

If you like Glitterboo, you can support us by sharing or liking our Facebook page.

If you found Glitterboo useful for a project it would be very nice if you gave us a mention (or even a link back to

Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements, or find some particular aspect frustrating, please let us know, since we might not be aware of it, and feedback like this is very useful for working out new features and fixes.


I have another question or suggestion that isn't covered here

Use the contact form to get in touch and we'll get back to you about it if possible.

Remember to include a valid email address.