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Choosing a photo

Quick guide

Glitterboo works differently depending on each photo (or graphic) uploaded, however there are some
simple guidelines which can help when trying out different images:

Sparkles and others in the "Glittery effects" category are the easiest to use with different types of images.

Use the sliders and "mixed rotation" option to change the look:
Use the "Intensity" slider to control the strength of the effect.
The "Max size" slider controls the size - a lower value will give smaller sized effects, but more of them.

Use the selection and eraser brushes to remove effects from unwanted areas.

Check out the image samples below for scenes that give strong effects.

Image samples

Here are some examples of scenes in images that will give strong effects:

As you can see, subjects such as water ripples and reflections, light coming through tree canopies or other speckled or dappled textures will give the strongest effects.

However any area in a picture that contains bright parts constrasting against a darker background will attract effects. When you upload an image, Glitterboo automatically scans for these highlighted areas, and concentrates effects there in order to blend them more effectively into the image.

Using other effects (Snowflakes, Stars, Symbols etc.)

Glitterboo offers other non-glittery effects, ranging from Hearts and Stars to Smileys and Musical symbols. In some cases, these can be more challenging than the glittery effects, because they create a more distinctive shape in your image, and therefore may look out of place in some photos.

In this case, applying the effects to natural looking elements in a photo can often help, such as using the snowy backgound in the following picture:

Again this is just a suggestion and you might find that something else works for your particular photo or graphic. Or you might find that you would like to try taking a photo with some of these suggestions in mind.

Either way, have fun and try out different images, we're not even exactly sure what all the possible results are!

(If you do make some cool (or funny) works of art, add them to the Flickr group or Facebook page. We will put some of the best ones up on the site with your permission.)