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Large image sizes

Working with large image sizes

Large image downloads on Glitterboo are available to site members. They can be downloaded at up to 2048x2048 pixels resolution.

Since Glitterboo uses the details in your image to create effects, it's important to note that the preview image in your browser will not be exactly the same as the high resolution versions. For example, here's a portion of an image with sparkle effects at the preview resolution:

Now the same area at a higher resolution:

(Click here for the full version)

The effects may have different brightness, density and orientation due to the extra detail in the higher res image, however they should generally be in the same areas of the photo and of course they are more detailed due to the higher resolution.

One other difference that sometimes occurs with higher res. images is a change in the "granularity" of a photo at a higher resolution. This simply means that you can often see more grain or "noise" in a larger sized photo. This can lead to more effects being placed in grainy areas of the image. This may or may not be what you want, depending on the photo.

If you find that an area of the image has unwanted effects due to grain or noise, you can either try reducing the effect intensity with the slider, de-selecting the area in question, or applying a smooth or soften filter to the image (or part of the image) before uploading.

Large size animations

Members can access large animation downloads up to 2048 pixels on the longest side, and videos at up to 1080p. See the animation gallery for examples at various sizes.

Note that .GIF animations can have large file sizes, and have a maximum of 256 colors. (This is a restriction of the .GIF file format and may cause some color "banding" effects in larger and more colorful images - however we do our best to use a high quality color palette selection algorithm to squeeze the most out of the available number of colors.)

Animated .GIF images are supported on a wide range of sites and apps, and of course you can put them on your own web page or blog!

You can also download animations as videos which are easily shareable on most sites and apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc., and have high quality even at HD sizes.